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tOn Eagles Wings 2015-2016

On a scale from one to five with five being the highest score

 Please rate your Independence, Productivity, Self Determination, and Integration & Inclusion (IPSII).

On Eagles Wings


15 On Eagles Wings Graduates


Please rate your independence



Please rate your Productivity


Please rate your Self Determination


Please rate your Integration & Inclusion

Baseline. First Training. 1.19.16






 Last Training. 6 Training. 3.27.16















  • I really enjoyed this class if I had a chance to take it again I would

  • I am truly grateful for the participation and the exposure to this training. It was informative and inspiring. I will definitely share it with my friends and family. Huge thanks to the staff for a great job.

  • It is a very nice program

  • Learning about this program work me up to know about disability rights.

  • Learned about disability equal rights. Thank you the staff was excellent

  • Today’s program was wonderful I wish the program was continuing.

  • I love this program. It was educational and creative

  • Ms. Bonnie Smith is very informative. I liked to hear her speak.

  • The speakers (Colleen Wieck and Bonnie Jean Smith) are great they make sure you understand and give information you can use and share

  • They did a good job

  • Sorry to see the program end

  • Good Class. Bonnie good spokesperson.

  • Very informative and beneficial. Loved every session. Gained lots of knowledge.


More about IPSII

We Measure participants increase in IPSII

1. Independence 

The drivers of Independence are:

  1. Mobility - I can go where I want to go.

  2. Privacy - I have privacy when I need it. I have privacy to be with people when I want privacy.

  3. Information Access - Only people who are allowed to know my personal information have access to it.

  4. Destiny, Control of the Future - I can set outcomes (goals) for myself.

People with the most significant disabilities were least satisfied with their level of independence.

2. Productivity

  1. Reward - I am rewarded for the things I do.

  2. Challenged - I am appropriately challenged by my responsibilities.

  3. Skills - I have been improving my skills.

Respondents wanted to work or volunteer more hours. Those who were unemployed wanted a job.

3. Integration

  1. Equality - My rights to equality are acknowledged by my community.

  2. Resources - Resources I need are available in my community.

  3. Friends - I have opportunities to do thing with people my age. I have friends who do not have developmental disabilities

  4. Confidence and Support-I feel comfortable outside of my immediate community. The personal support I require is available in my community.

4. Inclusion

  1. Relationships - I have opportunities to develop meaningful relationships with people who do not have developmental disabilities

  2. Equal - People without a disability treat me as an equal.

  3. Respect- People treat me with respect





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