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Being Prepared: MN Emergency  Preparedness Center

Being Prepared Center is an IPSII Inc. project and is a grant of national significance,  funded by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Administration on Developmental Disabilities A Project of National Significance 90DN0277.



 IPSII Inc. Leadership Activities: Emergency Preparednes


MN State Representative for National FEMA Conference 2010


 IPSII Inc. International Presentations on Emergency Preparedness

  • Pacific Rim Conference, Hawaii 2011 April, 2011. ‘My Personal Safety Plan’ Pac Rim Conference Hawaii.  IPSII Inc., University of Hawaii, State of Californian, Marcie Roth FEMA all presented together demonstrating that a small local agency (IPSII Inc.), University (University of Hawaii), Marcie Roth a senior advisory on disability for FEMA. http://www.fema.gov/leadership/marcie-roth http://www.linkedin.com/in/marcieroth



IPSII Inc. Naional Presentations on Emergency Preparedness


Autism NOW Center

January 2012 AutismNow Webinar

"Being Prepared: Minnesota's Emergency Preparedness Center"

View PowerPoint Slides from this webinar

1825 K Street NW, Suite 1200, Washington, DC 20006

Phone: 202.534.3706 | Toll free: 800.433.5255 Fax: 202.534.3731

Email: tferguson@autismnow.org     www.autismnow.org


National Homeland Security Conference, Columbus, Ohio 2012

  5.21 .12 to 5.24.12 Homeland Security Conference over 700 people attended this conference in Columbus, Ohio [See: Preparedness Partnerships for Whole Communities http://nationaluasi.com/dru/node/41]. IPSII Inc.’s abstract was selected for the 90 min. Whole Community Tract. I invited a panel of University of Delaware, Marcie Roth FEMA [Marcie was unable to come Andrea Mitchell from region five replaced her], Sgt. Beth Roberts our Being Prepared First Responder liaison.

7-8 Preparedness Partnerships for Whole Communities - C226

Personal Preparedness and Unique Community Needs: This session focuses on the unique requirements present in any community and how they can be addressed. The first presentation provides options and opportunities for designing an emergency planning program for people with disabilities and their families, including the new immigrant community based on work done under grants on National Significance (ISII, University of Hawaii, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, University of Delaware and New Jersey Center on Disability) funded by the Administration of Developmental Disabilities and FEMA’s Office of Disability Integration and Coordination. The second presentation will discuss effective outreach strategies for first responders in working with the autistic community in emergencies. Moderator: Jonathan Bundt, Minneapolis UASI. Presenters: Julie Kenny, Executive Director, IPSII; Beth Roberts, Sergeant, Richfield Police; Gary Mears Ed.D.,Research Associate, Center for Disabilities Studies, University of Delaware; Marcie Roth, Director, Office of Disability Integration & Coordination, FEMA

   Emergency Preparedness Training courses IPSII Inc. Staff have taken

    CERT Pandemic Preparedness 2012

9.18.12:   “CERT/Volunteer Pandemic Preparedness” as the first classroom session of a multi-part training session on individual preparedness for CERT members, their families, and their neighbors. CERT Leaders and CERT Team members will be trained to understand pandemics and their roles in mass dispensing centers and points of distribution.

 FEMA Points of Distribution 2012

11.20.12:  FEMA IS – 26 PODS (Points of Distribution) online course in prep for the 11.20.12 training


IPSII Inc.'s  Homeland Security Grant ( Not awarded) 2012

National Whole Community Project [NWCP], Whole Community Inclusive Planning, Total 3 Yr. Budget: $1,264,533. A total of: 5,675 people with disabilities, first responders, emergency managers and other trained over 3 yrs.  IPSII Inc. took the lead on the proposal and our partners were the University of Hawaii and University of Delaware. Homeland Security selected our Concept Paper and was one of 40 out of over 1000 proposals selected to apply. However our application was not selected.

Links to Emergency Preparedness Sites and Information

Marcie Roth  Director

Office of Disability Integration and Coordination  Department of Homeland Security/ FEMA

202.212.1537 (office)   202.285.9231 (cell)   marcie.roth@dhs.gov  www.fema.gov/about/odic 

Marcie Roth was appointed by President Obama in June 2009 to be the Senior Advisor on Disability Issues for FEMA. Once at FEMA, she developed the new Office of Disability Integration and Coordination, where she now serves as Director. In this role, she leads the Agency’s commitment to meet the access and functional needs of children and adults with disabilities in emergency and disaster preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation.

Being Safe, Feeling Safe

•Being Safe, Feeling Safe was funded in part by the US Homeland Security Funds

•And California State Department of Developmental Services Office of Human Rights & Advocacy Services

•1600 9th Street, Room 240 Sacramento, CA 95814


IPSII Inc. thanks the Minnesota Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities for providing the *Being Safe Workbook and Magnet to Being Prepared: MN Emergency Preparedness Participants and being a supporter of this project.

Below are links that are on the Mn Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities Website at:


- Video: Feeling Safe, Being Safe (CA)
Workbook: Feeling Safe, Being Safe (CA Personal Safety Materials)
Feeling Safe, Being Safe (CA Web Site)

- FEMA Document: Guidance on Planning for Integration of Functional Needs Support Services in General Population Shelters.

- FEMA Guide: "Are You Ready" guide:

- "Emergency Planning and Checklists": http://www.fema.gov/areyouready/emergency_planning.shtm

- "Disaster Supplies Checklist": http://www.fema.gov/areyouready/appendix_b.shtm

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Hawaii Feeling Safe Being Safe Training Strategies (Skaggs, Kelly, Getty)

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Inclusion of People with Disabilities into CERT (Boyce)

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