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t2017 On Eagles Wings Application

Your Name _________________________________


                        Street                    Apt. #            City                                 Zip Code             

Your Cell Phone Number _________________________________________   Your Home Phone Number ____________________________________________

1.       Are you African American:                                                                                                Yes     No             

2.       Are you interested in gaining a basic understanding of leadership skills and best practice in the field of developmental disabilities?      Yes No



3.       Are you an adult with a disability?                                                                                     Yes    No

4.       Do you have child or children with developmental disabilities                                       Yes     No 

5.       What services do you or your eligible child/children with DD receive : _______________________________________


County Based Services

1.       Do you are your eligible child/children with DD receive waivered services?                Yes  No  

2.       Do you or your child/children receive PCA services?                                                      Yes  No       

3.       Do you or your children receive Day Treatment & Training?                                           Yes No

Special Education Services:

1.       How old were you or your eligible child/children with DD when they started special education services?  ______________ Yrs.

2.       Are you looking for special education services for your eligible child/children with DD?                                        Yes   No 

3.       Does your eligible child/children with DD have challenging behavior?                                                                     Yes   No


Tell Me Something About Yourself:______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Call Julie Kenney at 612.816.9648 [cell phone you can also text me at this number] if you have any questions or e-mail her at Julie.kenneyipsiiinc@gmail.com

tOn Eagles Wings

On Eagles Wings is a leadership training program for African American adults with disabilities and African American parents who have African American children [under the age of 18 years] with developmental disabilities. Applicants must be interested in gaining a basic understanding of leadership skills and best practice in the field of developmental disabilities.

What You Will Learn: Over the 6 all day training sessions, you will learn:

  • History of the disability and services;

  • Best practices in the areas of inclusive education, supported/competitive employment;

  • Current state legislative issues including meeting with state legislators (Day at the Capitol), preparing and presenting testimony;

  • Beginning leadership skills and building relationships to influence positive system change for people with developmental disabilities;

  • And you will have an introduction to the Minnesota Partners in Policymaking® program.

On Eagles Wings Training

Where:               University of Minnesota Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center [UROC]

2001 Plymouth Ave. North Minneapolis, MN 55411

When:                 1st Saturday, January 21st;

2nd Saturday, February 11th;

3rd Saturday, February 25th;

4th Saturday March 4th;

5th Wednesday, March 15th;

6th Saturday, March 25th .

Time:                   All training will be from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm

Supports:           No Stipends.  Participants without children will not receive childcare reimbursement

      • Childcare reimbursements up to $60 per training.

      • All childcare reimbursements must be approved by Julie Kenney

      • Approved mileage by Julie Kenney will be reimbursed at the federal reimbursement rate

Mail this application to: Julie Kenney 6611 Lynwood Blvd. Richfield, MN  55423 or email me this application to Julie.Kenneyipsiiinc@gmail.com or text your application to Julie Kenney at 612.816.9648

On Eagles Wings is an IPSII Inc. project funded by the MN Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities through Administration on Developmental Disabilities P.L.106-402 and IPSII Inc.

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